Project task with Chris

Last session we had to produce a self-portrait of a ‘dead-pan face’, so a face with no facial expression. This session we had the opposite task – an emotional portrait.

There are a number of choices when it comes to emotional expressions, and also the choice of whether its extreme or subtle. I chose to do this expression:IMG_5036.JPG
Unfinished painting of an emotional facial expression.

Originally, in the photo, the expression is pain. I didn’t want to do an overly obvious emotion because i quite like the idea of ambiguity; I like the thought of the viewer to associate a feeling that is personal to them. Some may see sadness maybe grief, disappointment or anger, desperation etc.

In the painting, I used dark flesh tones to try and symbolise the struggle and unhappiness. It also emphasises the frown lines shadows and under the eyes.

The paint smudges on the side were to represent emotion as well; the red, symbolising blood, the dark blue contrasting as the darker colour and emphasising the struggle. I applied the pain in a messy yet organised manner- I wanted harsh lines and mixes of colour. I like how some of the paint markings are fading as the paint on my palette knife ran out, to me this is like as the paint runs out, so does the persons strength.



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