Project task with Chris

The next task was based around the eyes.

I love sketching eyes and in fact they are almost always where I begin with a portrait. Obviously, there are many factors within a face that contributes to reading their emotions or what they are doing, however I feel that the eyes are one of the most important factors.

In real life, eye-contact is an important role in socialising. You look at their eyes during conversation, I think you are more likely to remember seeing a person if you have eye-contact, you can see true emotions in a persons eyes.

“You’re smiling, but your eyes are all sad.” – Get him from the Greek

I love this quote; it isn’t from some fancy philosopher, but from a comedy film. I just think it sums up the truth behind the eyes really well.

Here are two paintings that I created in reaction to the task to produce eyes, just the eyes. IMG_4667-1.PNGIMG_4671-1.PNG


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