idea of canvas:

thick so it comes out of the wall, floating for professionism and intrigue, pieces sewn on for texturew, natural materials shown and allows for canvas type boarde/frame.

issues: look too rough, not proffessional enough, edges arent all straight and perpendicular, might detract from the work

Why am I attracted to Framing?

I feel that a frame will help my work appear finished. I never know when i am finished and i think it wont ever be.. I would love to keep going back when that self i am exploring is more clear to me.

I feel that a frame is my way to prove to myself that it is in fact art. I suppose my own lack of self-confidence is playing a role with how I view my own work and this is manifesting itself in the ‘need’ to have it framed.

But although it may not need a frame, and although it may look more contemporary to be sans frame.. isn’t the frame another aspect ¬†of myself that I am transferring onto my work? as opposed to following the standard of contemporary. tutors want to tell me not to put it in a frame so it will look better but they never bothered to offer advice before.. it would look a whole lot better if i had received advice with my art studies months ago. it seems a bit paradoxical that they’re stepping in now and telling me what to do.

I am almost tempted to use a big white backing frame. My work feels too small.. this will emphasise that. just like I feel small.. but there are many of me and i have a big frame so im not small ..

I could have canvases and sew the edges of my work onto the canvas. I frame it and its not a frame its a canvas so there. then do a float mount thing



If I presented it as a line, I would like the work to be

58 INCHES high

gap between each one depends on the space i am allocated and how many I make

but i want quite a big gap, i want the viewer to have to walk along the line and not to be able to see them all in one shot.


I think I have come to the conclusion that I want to set my work out in a grid. After seeing artists such as Bourgeois, —-,—–,—– I realise the effect of being able to see all the work together in one big hit as opposed to travelling along the pieces of work. I like the way that you as a viewer are able to compare each of the images and notice the differences more such as with Dumas’s black people …

need to think about how to mount them now and how many i want and the height and width etc

Artist Statement

In life we absorb the people we are around, the experiences we live, and the situations we face; this is part of what makes us the way we are. My work is a self-exploration and a way for me to express and discover. This series of images each contain a self-portrait that I have made to express a particular feeling or event that I am conscious of. In my life, I have struggled with the idea of knowing who I am in respect to the way I behave, perceive and feel. Due to social anxieties I have never been able to act and explain myself the way I want to in my head. This series is a way for me to express moments of my mind that are recurrent. In some of these pieces I am simply expressing an emotion, in some I am deep in thought and in some I am showing moments of my life I experience. This has become my form of therapy- it’s a way for me to accept myself for who I am and to learn to appreciate these moments are just moments and not defining me as a person. The social anxiety has been a catalyst for me, and it has lead me to fight the persona of ‘the quiet girl that people don’t understand’. This project allows me to accept the Self that people view, and equally accept that this is not my only Self.

The medium I have chosen has a direct link to my theme; the paint has a mind of its own and leaks, overly absorbs and changes tone. Contrasting to the controlled, opaque lines of the thread. This reiterates the contradicting experience of our different Selves.



I have been using canvas and cotton fabric to do my paintings on. I was never particularly neat or consice when cutting the fabric into section to use, this reflects my personality a great deal I suppose and gives it a rough natural feel. They look half done, created at speed and honest. I originally liked this naturality to it, I wasn’t using a ruler or fancy equipment- I was in my home studio ( my bedroom) using scissors I had found and cutting shapes and sizes free hand and just going with the flow.

Do I continue with this concept? or frame it.

Framing is boring, and it does take some of the feel away from the work. However, it looks clean, professional and puts the emphasis on the image depicted as opposed to the edges and shapes which in a way are unimportant to the content.

Something I need to think about…