Recent Idea

Thinking about how my anxiety affects my life in everyday situations, the thing that comes to mind is my inability to attend certain things whether it be something important, family occasion, friends meeting up, classes, something I need to do etc.. Sometimes I just cannot make it. I often can’t explain my non attendance and it turns into another one of those unfortunate cycles. From this initial point I thought of this idea of absence and how I can express my absence.

Having photographs of places, and people with just a photograph of me near them or being held. This will emphasise the fact I am not there but also play on the idea that it is staged. I feel that a lot of my mental thought process around the social anxiety is made worse by my own perceptions- therefore I feel like I am often creating these scenarios in my head that aren’t actually necessary.

I will be taking the photograph, I will have posed for the photo in that is present and I will be directing what the photograph is of.. but crucially I am not in the scene in person.

Need to consider the type of photograph of myself; where I want it, whats in the background, what I am doing, what i am showing, size. material (needs to be stable if I’d want it to stand alone)



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