Exhibition Idea

Thinking about what and how I would like to exhibit..

I think I definitely want to present a video – I believe the immediacy and idea of the viewer staying to finish it and waiting for me to end what I have to say is quite endearing. I like the idea of having it quite long-winded so that the viewer is bored but wants to see where it is going… I think I remember Davida talking about this in an artists piece and I really liked the concept behind it and the effect it has. It was an artist I think that I was researching, multiple occupancy??

It reminds me of the concept behind the steps at a museum; the steps leading up to the entrance change their height and distance compared to normal steps so that you are consciously aware of the change and that you think about the fact you are about to enter this museum, so focus… for me this relates to the idea that you’re now witnessing my emotive state so step out of your fast paced, busy lives and just feel for a minute.

Anyway, I would like to show my video large so that it can engulf the viewer.. I want them to be transferred into the shadows, movements and slight noises that are happening and not take in other things around them. I want this video to be the centre of attention. Equally, however, I have taken some stills from the videos and I would like to stretch them and mount them to exhibit. I’d also like to have poetry to go alongside. So many things I’d like. I had a dream about having a video and then a vitrine in between the video and the viewer. I think I may have had a poem in it. But I think speaking would be more effective and relevant- because speaking is my issue. NOT SURE.

I’ve been reading a little about poetry in art and I liked the idea of having missing words because of my stutter I thought it might be interesting to try that but I’m struggling at the moment to focus my mind on what I’m feeling in order to write anything, because right now I’d just rather not feel.



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