Sophie Calle

I’m intrigued about Calle’s life and her work. I stumbled across her book in the library and decided to pick it up because of its name M’as- tu vu? which translates as Did you see me? This title was important to me because I have a fondness for the french language (I used to use French to say things that I felt unable or embarrassed to admit, I’d write my secrets in French. It was almost like a coding, and a more romantic way to say what I felt.); but it was also important because it made me think about philosophical meanings to seeing a person.

The book did not disappoint. Sophie’s work is not art work that has been created as such, it is a documentation of her life but also it’s living her life for her art. She uses photography, writing and installations to display her work. Calle’s work is very autobiographical which is what I am attracted to in art, and what I like to present also.

  • Calle’s photography paired with a paragraph of her account on the work
  • Her boyfriend dumping her
  • Hiring a private detective


i really like the way she writes about her work, and chooses an image that has a much deeper meaning to her life but it’s not obvious to the viewer until you read her text.


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