mise en abyme

Mise en abyme literally translates as ‘placed into abyss’; in artistic terms it refers to introspection and self-reflection- it is seeing a work inside a piece of work. Here, I am using an image of myself inside an image of myself which are all achieved by a physical reflection through glass. The idea behind these two pieces are to explore the concept of self-reflection and touching on the idea of self-centrism. I find that my life and maybe even just lives in this society are heavily revolved around ourselves.. for me, I am always thinking and feeling about myself and projecting my thoughts onto other people due to the anxiety. I am constantly analysing myself and my actions and using my own subjectivity as other peoples opinions. I think this is an interesting topic especially in today’s society because of how we are being brought up and evolving around technology and constantly talking about ourselves on social media. img_2882-1img_2884-1


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