breakdown in bed

This series contains black and white photographs of the back of myself falling onto a bed. I made this piece whilst considering the importance of my bed in my life in relation to the social anxiety I experience. I use my bed in times of weakness when I am unable to participate in regular activities in my life; my bed is my hiding place, it’s where I can detach myself from anyone else but ultimately it’s where I can get lost in my own isolation.

The idea behind this series is that although the bed is where I can rest, feel comfortable and safe, it is also my downfall and contributes to my inability to include myself in activities.

The photographs are in black and white so that I could create a strong connection between my body and my bedroom. I wanted to create an image that you couldn’t easily take my body out of- so that they (bedroom and body) became one.img_2916img_2917img_2918img_2919


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