Turn around- Extension

Up until recently, I have been working on the series of self-portraits on material. I think I have been grasping at an idea and trying to push work out so much that I have started to lose part of the meaning. Although there were areas of these pieces that I felt I was expressing what I wanted, there was a lot of it that I wasn’t completely invested it and I think that was noticeable in the work.

As I have been given an extension, I’d like to turn things around. I want to be able to focus on what I enjoy doing, what I believe in and hopefully it will make for better artwork.

I’d like to use ideas that have been present throughout my previous work. A problem I have with my work is that I get so easily distracted by my own life- where I’m trying to say one thing and then something happens that I am no longer able to focus on that previous idea. So now my work is leaning towards the way my social anxiety has become more prominent in my life.

Starting by looking at the artists that have had the most impact on my work; Francesca Woodman, first influenced by Woodman’s work back in 2009/2010 so it is a very important artist to me as I am still captivated by her work, and Louise Bourgeois.



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