Blind Drawings

I decided to do some blind drawings of myself as a way to break up the routine I feel I am in with my art. Blind drawings force you to loosen up and feel the work and become less concerned with the image and more concerned with seeing.

This is the one I found most interesting and decided to paint it as if a normal portrait. I like the effect of the usual skin tone and shadows with the abstract lines. The whole process of drawing without looking down, and without lifting my pencil felt quite unorthodox but also restoring. I felt like I was becoming more in-tune with myself on a level that I am rarely able to reach. I felt like I was using more unconcsious parts of my brain- letting my hand do as it feels right, and letting go of my conscious limitations.  This piece, to me, represents the Unknown Self. As explained by the psychological theory called Johari’s Window.



IMG_1789 (1).JPG


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