the essence of one’s self


I’ve recently come across the word Selfdom- and I’ve sort of fallen in love with it and I think it’s perfectly apt for my current art practice. My work is clearly focused on the self, and myself in particular but the suffix ‘dom has significance and that is why I think the word Selfdom is symbolic to my project.

The suffix ‘dom refers to a “domain ( kingdom), collection of persons ( officialdom), rank or station ( earldom), or general condition ( freedom).”

I am creating a collection of small pieces that each have some sort of moment that means something to me, in my life. I’m trying to relay the thoughts, insecurites, loss that I think about therefore when I’m looking through my pieces, I feel as if I’m in my own little world/kingdom. One of the point’s I am trying to express is that a person has many different Selves, different sides, different attitudes and behaviours and we are not just ONE entity- we are many (collection of persons). In my everyday life, I struggle with communication and expressing what I want to say or do – drawing and painting these parts of me that I don’t get to otherwise show is my own way of attaining a sense of freedom.


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