A little explanation ..

In life we absorb the people we are around, the experiences we live, and the situations we face; this is part of what makes us the way we are. My work is a self-exploration and a way for me to express and discover. When I start a piece, I have an idea in my head- I usually start with an image of something I have done/felt then I think about the colours and what cropping I desire. However, when it comes down to creating it, the material prevents me from being able to create the marks I want. There’s something about this stage that I love- the material absorbs the colours so much and moves them or causes them to all fade into each other. I have to go back to a piece multiple times to layer the paint back on this leads to some nice moments in the paintings where the paint flows and has depth. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly frustrating when I paint and I feel good about it then look at it when it’s dried and it’s all faded into a big blob. The process and watching the material adapt to the layers and the marks that I’m doing is what is keeping my attention to this project. Then the thread stage is a whole other process. I spend time and get invested in a certain image and then shove a needle through the work repeatedly and covering up the delicate paint I have just done. It may seem a waste to some, but I really like the juxtaposition of the delicacy of the watercolour against the opacity of the thread and the rough lines.


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