Why am I attracted to Framing?

I feel that a frame will help my work appear finished. I never know when i am finished and i think it wont ever be.. I would love to keep going back when that self i am exploring is more clear to me.

I feel that a frame is my way to prove to myself that it is in fact art. I suppose my own lack of self-confidence is playing a role with how I view my own work and this is manifesting itself in the ‘need’ to have it framed.

But although it may not need a frame, and although it may look more contemporary to be sans frame.. isn’t the frame another aspect  of myself that I am transferring onto my work? as opposed to following the standard of contemporary. tutors want to tell me not to put it in a frame so it will look better but they never bothered to offer advice before.. it would look a whole lot better if i had received advice with my art studies months ago. it seems a bit paradoxical that they’re stepping in now and telling me what to do.

I am almost tempted to use a big white backing frame. My work feels too small.. this will emphasise that. just like I feel small.. but there are many of me and i have a big frame so im not small ..

I could have canvases and sew the edges of my work onto the canvas. I frame it and its not a frame its a canvas so there. then do a float mount thing


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