Artist Statement

In life we absorb the people we are around, the experiences we live, and the situations we face; this is part of what makes us the way we are. My work is a self-exploration and a way for me to express and discover. This series of images each contain a self-portrait that I have made to express a particular feeling or event that I am conscious of. In my life, I have struggled with the idea of knowing who I am in respect to the way I behave, perceive and feel. Due to social anxieties I have never been able to act and explain myself the way I want to in my head. This series is a way for me to express moments of my mind that are recurrent. In some of these pieces I am simply expressing an emotion, in some I am deep in thought and in some I am showing moments of my life I experience. This has become my form of therapy- it’s a way for me to accept myself for who I am and to learn to appreciate these moments are just moments and not defining me as a person. The social anxiety has been a catalyst for me, and it has lead me to fight the persona of ‘the quiet girl that people don’t understand’. This project allows me to accept the Self that people view, and equally accept that this is not my only Self.

The medium I have chosen has a direct link to my theme; the paint has a mind of its own and leaks, overly absorbs and changes tone. Contrasting to the controlled, opaque lines of the thread. This reiterates the contradicting experience of our different Selves.



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