Eleanor Antin

I spotted Antin’s work when skimming through a large book I discovered in the library; I remembered her work for the display of a grid series of images from her weight-loss diary. After researching into her work a little more, I realised her art is epitomising what I am fascinated by – Selves. It’s been a nice serendipitous moment.

Conceptually Antin’s work is appealing to me, I also enjoy her installations and her videos however this does not directly influence my medium or artistic style. I have chosen to continue researching Antin’s work because of her conceptual ideas, specifically her ‘multiple occupancy‘ project.

Eleanor Antin took on a number of persona’s and created a series for each person she was playing; she used a variety of mediums in her Multiple Occupancy project.

If I had the time I would love to put more detail and attention to each Self I represent, and to explore with different mediums as I love to use mixed media. 

Each persona, I believe, is an extension of herself:

  • The King of Solana Beach
  • Eleanora Antinova
  • Little Nurse Eleanor
  • Eleanor Nightingale
  • Ballerina
  • Yevgeny Antinov


The Two Eleanors, 1973

In this, Antin is a ballerina looking into a smudged mirror. The idea of showing the back of a person comes from the tradition of ruckenfigur from the German Romanticism movement.

Eleanor goes into great depths with each persona, each self that she is. It’s quite astonishing how much detail and background information each person has.

We each have cultural and family history fraught with possibilities and, probably, dead ends. Each person has to discover these predispositions, these spirits, if you like, that are hiding inside him and then sculpt and clothe them as they begin to raise their heads and look around. It’s a seduction process as well as a series of arguments and surprises


I’m finding it quite difficult to find the works of Antin, I have bought a book to help me research her work (as she is not in the University Library)


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