Lorna Simpson

Please Remind Me Of Who I Am 2009



“Lorna Simpson questions identity and memory, gender and history, fact and fiction, playing eye and ear in tandem if not in synchrony to prompt consideration of how meaning is constructed.

capture crossed glances, pauses in convo, transitional events.

Simpson purposefully chose thick bronze frames to exhibit her photographs and ink drawings. The heavy material of the frame reflects the way in which Simpson felt about her work and the historical weight that the images represent. Each photograph has it’s own story; who is the person, why were they getting photographed, who was the photograph for, what were they doing. It’

The frames are set out in a deliberately loose way, almost cloud-like. The viewer’s eye floats over the images, from photographs to ink drawings.

Lorna Simpson typically displays a series of photographs as a piece; the set up is very important with the work she is showing.

Five Day Forecast 1991 by Lorna Simpson born 1960

As the title of the work emphasises, this structure suggests a diary of sorts, or at any rate a ‘forecast’, to use its meteorological metaphor. The similarity of the pose in the photographs, however, suggests the drudgery of repetition with little variation on the horizon.

The sequence of photographs, with their subtle variances in the subject’s posture, suggests a series of time-lapse photographs of a figure shifting slightly from side to side.


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