Ghada Amer

Amer uses colourful embroidery paired with acrylic and gel mediums on canvas. Her work explores western feminism

Her work celebrates the female body, celebrates the right to love and appreciate our bodies and not be afraid of what society tells us about them, theres a sense of laura Mulveys Male Gaze in her work but exqually I feel Amer rejects it because she works to distort or reduce the sketches and repeat them… like yeah so what this is a vagina.

the fortune teller.jpg

Amer was born in Cairo, studied art in France and lives in New York. She is a romantic, who puts love into her work, the stitched lines and flowing colours give a poetic feel against the sometimes political and emotive concepts.


Amer began her works with stitching women who were completing menial, domestic tasks such as ironing La femme qui repasse, 1992.

What do i take from Amer’s work:

I really like the choice of colour, repetition and also the strandy quality she adopts with her work- freedomy. In my work, I want to include more stitches but I’m just afraid of losing the fragility of the watercolour by having too much of the thread…


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