Amelia Harnas

Amelia Harnas is an artist I’ve recently come across whose style of work is very similar to my own-  I felt a rush of excitement when seeing it and made me want to continue my practice.

Harnas grew up with two artist parents, one of whom was an avid embroiderer. From this, Harnas had a strong interest in painting and textiles. The unique thing about Harnas is that her preferred colour is wine.. literally, she uses wine to stain her fabric and make the marking. Her reasoning for this is deeper than just colour, Harnas has a relationship with alcohol that she is expressing in her artwork. Interestingly, as well as the similarity that I think we share in our artistic styles we also share the diagnosis of Rosacea which effects the face and ultimately self-confidence on our appearance. Harnas very cleverly uses a common trigger to the Rosacea, wine, as her medium; this made the piece even more appealing to me and I felt an immediate connection and appreciation to her openness and playfulness.



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