Elizabeth Peyton

Characterized by transparent washes of pigment and a jewel-tone palette, Peyton’s works address notions of idolatry and obsession. “A painting of a person can be descriptive, but for me it’s about all the things that make up a picture—the feelings, the brushstrokes—more than describing somebody,” she has said.

Peyton’s portraits have a sort of delicacy to them, and an empathetic aspect to them which is quite captivating. She paints the portraits quite close to the persons face, so the subject is mostly their face.

Most of Peyton’s portraits are of well known people such as celebrities or historical people; Peyton mentioned she doesn’t draw celebritis for their name of fame though, she draws people she has admiration for.

She paints how she sees gem, she sees their personalities and portrays it. Namely, Harry Windsor, Kurt Cobain, Liam Gallagher.

It’s very interesting to view, for me, because the faces are so recognisable but as a viewer I feel more of a relationship with them through Peytons representation than through the media. They are presented with vulnerable, more human and comfortable aspects. I feel like it is like zooming into them as a person- not as a celeb. It’s warming


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