Louise Bourgeois

I am a searcher… i always was…and i still am…searching for the missing piece”







This is a self portrait…the person looks around, pivoting constantly. Where am I today? Where will i be on the compass?”

Louise Bourgeois uses her personal events in her life to create her work; looking at her past, femininity, unconscious and body.


The works in this room form an idiosyncratic collection of objects that suggests the environment of Bourgeois’s home and studio.

Bourgeois uses a large range of materials and techniques with her work; displaying small delicate pieces to large conflicting installations. This is one of the reasons why her work is so important; she expresses herself and popular issues in the world so well. Bourgeois uses her work to ‘liberate herself from her past’ and I believe this is partly why her work is so poignant and evoking- because she is fully expressing and trying to get rid of that particular complex.

Bourgeois depicts real life situations; emotions, memories, sexual desire, body, and unconscious- her work is honest and biographical. This is something that I find particularly attractive in artwork- I like to explore other people’s minds and feelings, I like to try and feel how they feel in their work and similarly I like to depict my emotions in my own work. I’m drawn to the art of the female body and portraiture.

Bourgeois’ ideas are brutally honest and the way she conveys them are captivating. Bourgeois’ work influenced many feminist artists and is still having a big impact on art today.

Louise is most famous for her sculptures, particular her spider piece. However, I first learnt about her work through her paintings and prints. Having looked through a plethora of her work, she has become a huge artist for me and my work. Her sculptures are particularly interesting because they don’t immediately look like what they are conveying- it’s only further into the exploration of her work that you find the meanings lying within. She was very clever and a master of the materials she chose to use, manipulating them in highly imaginative ways.

I give everything away-This is a long series created by bourgeois during her insomniac nights. This series shows many moments of a Self that she may not show during the day, this is maybe parts that have woken her, kept her awake, dreams, lucid states, memories  and parts that are stuck in her unconscious. The series very long and spans across a large room over corners and paths the area- I saw this piece on a video and even then I felt a huge wave of honest emotive deepness. Having suffered with psychologically induced insomnia myself, I was able to immediately relate to this piece. I find that those nights where I can’t sleep or stay asleep, I feel my most creative- maybe because it is the feelings that are keeping me awake- you have to get them out, you need that cathartic release in order to let them go and for your mind to let you sleep.

10 am is when you come to me; a series of 20 painted images on empty music sheet paper. The paintings depict 2 peoples arms (Bourgeois and her assistant, Jerry), reaching toward each other in red. The red is significant- it gives the piece an intensity, it gives the body parts life, I see a lot of energy created from the red in the arms.I think red usually leads to images about love/lust, anger and passion- but here it’s not about lust or anger. I don’t get the feeling of romantic love; I feel a sense of support and working together. The way the images show different angles and sometimes one arm is more in show and vice versa shows me a team effort. I think there is love in this piece but a supporting love not a romantic love. After looking at this more, I’ve realised what the layout is reminding me of- a calendar..”mon, tues, weds, thurs, fri” down the Y axis and (week 1, 2, 3, 4) on the X axis. Its a routine.

10 am is When You Come to Me 2006 by Louise Bourgeois 1911-2010


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