Artist Statement

Previously, my practice has been representing my exploration into people and particularly myself. I have had a longstanding interest with consciousness and how people perceive the world around them. Through this exploration, I have been monopolised by this idea of each person having multiple Selves. To explain this further, my key interest is exploring the internal structure of the Self- how some days you can not feel yourself, but when is it that you do feel yourself. The way we think of ourselves as divided – the internal self and external self. There are many metaphors which can explain the theories of the Self.Continuing with this idea, I have come to the realisation that my life has been heavily influenced by my moving homes. Not having that stability. Looking back through my life, I associate certain phases, emotions, who I was at that time to the house I was living in. This lead me to feel that each house and everything that went with it had an effect on the person I was therefore each house represents a Self.



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