Artist Statement

Previously, my practice has been representing my exploration into people and particularly myself. I have had a longstanding interest with consciousness and how people perceive the world around them. Through this exploration, I have been monopolised by this idea of each person having multiple Selves. To explain this further, my key interest is exploring the internal structure of the Self- how some days you can not feel yourself, but when is it that you do feel yourself. The way we think of ourselves as divided – the internal self and external self. There are many metaphors which can explain the theories of the Self.Continuing with this idea, I have come to the realisation that my life has been heavily influenced by my moving homes. Not having that stability. Looking back through my life, I associate certain phases, emotions, who I was at that time to the house I was living in. This lead me to feel that each house and everything that went with it had an effect on the person I was therefore each house represents a Self.


I like to use light and shadows with my work.

Self portraits are important to me

slightly abstract pieces to give other sides and to see what we see. we ourselves are abstract to our self

text- i like words and how they can wrap themselves round what you’re struggling to express.


Acrylic is my main medium. I want to incorporate material into my work to create texture, depth, etc. Text. i like to sew my words- the process is cathartic and i think the process is an important aspect to a piece of work. especially to work that is exploring issues regarding people and their state of minds.

Assemblage is something I enjoy.


I tend to work in quite a small scale. I prefer to have a series of small pieces than one large piece. I like to have a piece that makes people want to step a bit closer to examine it.. i want people to be able to travel through my work- smallish pieces that you can follow in a journey.

i also really like the idea of a box. a room inside the box.


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