Mona Hatoum

I’ve been aware of Hatoum’s work in terms of her performance art. I’ve always wanted to try and create a performance piece but just haven’t found the right direction into it- instead, today I am looking into Hatoum’s installations. Interestingly, Hatoum’s first group of installations were exhibited here in Cardiff’s Chapter Gallery in 1992.

Mona’s life consisted of being exiled from her home due to war and was not able to return. Her work reflects experiences of her life and identity loss. Hatoum uses materials as a metaphor for conflicts but also she focused on including juxtapositions.

The piece underneath is called Home.

Home 1999 by Mona Hatoum born 1952

“Hatoum appropriates objects related to the domestic kitchen, traditionally a feminine domain, and gives them a menacing, uncanny edge. The work’s title expresses an ironic, ambivalent relationship to the safe, nurturing environment that the word home implies. The artist has explained, ‘I called it Home, because I see it as a work that shatters notions of the wholesomeness of the home environment, the household, and the domain where the feminine resides. Having always had an ambiguous relationship with notions of home, family, and the nurturing that is expected out of this situation, I often like to introduce a physical or psychological disturbance to contradict those expectations.’ (quoted in ‘Mona Hatoum interviewed by Jo Glencross’, in Mona Hatoum: Domestic Disturbance, p.68)”


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