I am not..

I got the idea behind this piece whilst thinking about what is my Self. I tried meditation and noticed that whilst I was trying to focus on clearing my mind, I kept thinking about certain things. So then, I tried to acknowledge what it is that I think about. I noticed that for the first stage, I was focused on perceiving things around me- my body kept making it’s own perceptions and then I’d think about how it is I felt, what emotions I was trying to clear out of my mind. In trying to clear my mind, I recognised what I was focused on; my perceptions of the world and people around me and even how I perceive they perceive me are constant. I want this piece to signify that these thoughts, perceptions, emotions and our behaviour is not what defines us as a person. Those things define a part of our Self, but not us as a whole.

All portraits have been made in the same way; with watercolour and thread on material.


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