3 Film Photographs

This piece represents the way a person can portray themselves with different obstacles, masks, tones, etc. Each photograph has different connotations that can be applied which I am open to. Light plays an important role for me in these three images; I have used it to hide aspects of the photo and also as a way of contrasting. All photographs show a slight distortion to the face.

I used a film camera to capture each of these images and then developed them accordingly. I found it quite exciting and also almost daunting whilst using the film camera. I am so used to having a camera that I am able to change, edit, check and retake if need be where as with this style I was not given that chance, so it was take and hope it works.. there was also the added pressure of the amount of film that there was available. Which is where the excitement came in, you had to be really sure about the photo and take it and trust in yourself and there was no time for self-doubt- it was freeing in a way.

Each self-portrait has a contrast in light and dark to show distortion, or has a translucent material to cover etc. These three I have chosen to show in a group with each piece having something different that is distorting the face. I chose to use a black frame and white mount frame to continue the black and white film photograph.

My favourite piece is the middle photograph, which is why I have chosen to put it in the middle. The reason I prefer this piece is because it has the most relevance to my life and my art practice; having the wild hair cover most the frame is a reference to how important my hair is for me as my hiding technique and safety when I am uncomfortable, the light marks were accidental during the process of film and yet are my favourite part, and the eyes which are at the bottom of the image but manage to hold your gaze as if they were central.FullSizeRender (11).jpg


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