Joseph Cornell

Cornells boxes have been stuck in my mind since last year. Each box is like containing a sort of hordering, obsessive complex over this one subject that is all incorporated through imagery/ objects/ paint/ structure/ composition. I have always been one of those people that keep random things from all types of places and times of my life.. I’ve boxes/ drawers of ‘sentiments’. Each thing I’ve collected has a meaning, a memory and a part of my life of that particular Self I was experiencing at that time. I can’t let go of these things because they all equate to the person I am now. Its my journey.

A box of ‘stuff’ is the journey of that particular subject, image.

Its not limited to a flat surface, to a type of material. It’s a collection.

Thinking more about this, it’s leading my mind to consider Autism and how autistic/aspergic people have obsessions, repetitions, routines.

For me, with my own practice and exploration into the concept of Selves.. I am considering the meaning of a home within this. I am almost making each house I have had as a metaphor for each Self I experience. Each house, I have a different bedroom- purposefully I create a different atmosphere to reflect the state I am in for that period of time. Knowing the house will change, I know my persona will too.

Many of Cornells boxes were about places. places he had been and also places he hadn’t. He made a box and he filled it with everything he associated with that place. For me, I think of the place in my mind and how I create my room to make that. I think about the memories and experiences of going back to that place.

Cornell had an obsession with birds. and uses birds in his work often.


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