My version of Basquait

In response to Basquiat’s work, I’ve started this piece. Incorporating my own messages about my self-concept. I’ve used wax to create textual imagery in some areas, acrylic, photography and text.

The centre is a self-portrait including the camera. I’ve done this  to encourage the question about how people are seen by the world and how we show ourselves (a concept that I have been aware of since the ‘beyond the family album’ Jo Spence). Surrounding this is are marks that each hold their own symbolism regarding the Self and how it is not just one simple concept. Also including my text from my diary. This background includes marks and colours that express emotions and tensions within life.

I decided to smudge paint over areas of the central photograph to incorporate it into the painting and layer my own commentary (paint, drawings, text) over the representation of my self (the photo). FullSizeRender (10).jpg


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