Finding yourself,

or finding acceptance of your Selves?

We are not one Self-

we are many Selves,

Many people.

Are you your body

 or your mind?

This series of 3 photo-montages consist of magazine cut outs of black and white female portraits, acrylic, and text. The portraits have been muddled up to create three very different portraits and to emphasise the different aspects of each portrait. I specifically chose to use only black and white imagery to keep a consistency with the facial features, giving a common denominator with all portraits.

Behind each photo-montage, I have created a black and white style background with acrylic. This is so that I can keep in the colour scheme but also apply some texture to the piece.

The text of each piece is all in reference to the concept of self and commenting the presence of ‘selves’. My practice is exploring how people are perceived by themselves and by others, and investigating the concept of having multiple Selves. I have chosen to use the colour red to ensure the text stands out against the imagery and to emphasise the importance of the words.

The use of magazine cut outs includes further depth into the idea of identity, consumerism and how society is focused in the 21st century.

I hope this series can provoke thought and ask the viewer to question their Selves and where they feel their identity is most present.

To develop this piece, I would like to use my own street photography portraits instead of magazine cut outs – making this piece more personal to me and hopefully to the audience.


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