There’s something that really intrigues me about Basquiat’s work and the raw expression he introduces. Basquiat uses his life and what surrounds him as his influences; his upbringing on the streets of New York, his Afro- Caribbean heritage, the human figure, music (particularly Jazz), poetry and politics. Basquiat started by sending messages through graffiti. He used words like SAMO (same old shit) and poetry on street walls. This is how he was spotted by the media and his artistic career grew from there.

The messages he creates through his own symbolism and cryptic words invites you to try and understand his expressions. There is always some kind of human figure in his work too which I find interesting.

I am intrigued by the honesty and the ability to draw and create with no constrictions. I enjoy his fight to outline the dichotomy within the world.

Although my own practice does not share the aesthetics of Basquiat’s work and does not have the same messages, I feel passionate and intrigued by his honest representations of life and how  he perceives the world.  monticello 1983Jean-Michel-Basquiat-50-cent-Piece.-1983picture1


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