‘The conceptual self in context’

In my work, I have been stuck on this concept of prejudice and the unseen. I thought I was expressing my exasperation for being judged by others perceptions. I feel like the perceptions people make about me are unjust because they don’t see me for who I believe I am. Due to suffering from social anxiety, I am unable to be the person I want to be. The distorted self-portraits were portraying the fact people never see the clear image of a person because of the unseen. Looking further into this concept I am trying to convey, I’, starting to go deeper within myself. While i am still affected by others perceptions, II think a lot of my frustration originates from the sense of my ‘loss of self’ that occurs when I am socially inept. This loss of self conflicts with the true self.

True self:

There is an aspect of you that is still unrealized and that is incompatible with those aspects that have been realized… We conceptualize incompatible aspects of the Self as different people- different Selves. The Self that is compatible with your judgement as to what is important is called “the true Self”. The Self that is realized is seen as being present to the Subject. This is not the true Self, which is not present to the Subject and must be “found”. Realizing that aspect of yourself that is compatible with your judgement is conceptualized as “finding” your true Self.

The conceptual self in context.


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