Influenced by Jo Spene’s family album, I looked back to my own, or at least my memories. Something that stands out to me is the memories of moving house. When a certain street or house is mentioned, I remember each house a different stage, a different feeling, a different self. I don’t have negative memories of moving, instead I feel excitement and anticipation to start fresh. I remember all my different ‘safe places’ to reflect my current mind set. With each new setting, I feel like I discovered more about myself. When I try to remember key events of my life, the first thing I do is think about which house I was in.

In the past 10 years, I have moved house 21 times.

In an art piece- exploring the moves. How the houses represent a self.
I have an image in my head of 3 large self portraits in frames, with 3 small box frames containing different keys. The idea behind this is that each portrait shows a Self, shows a part of me. Haven’t decided what yet. 

Loss of self and true self? Self self self. Key key key 

Unlocking the selves. 


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