Artist Statement

I look into consciousness, being consciously aware of yourself and people around you. To explore further what defines me as an artist I’d have to include how for many years I found social situations difficult, so I became an avid people watcher. People interest me in the ways we make judgements and perceptions without ever knowing the full truth. It’s that element that fascinates me especially, the unknown, and how some of us aren’t even aware of this knowledge..

In my work at the moment, I am focusing on ways to convey the concept that we make perceptions and judgements without knowing the truth. To show this I’ve created pieces that are portraits that have been distorted in some way. They are all the same person, myself, and are all showing different angles you can look at one person.
So this is what inspires me as an artist, as to the media I use, I find my work benefits from a mixed media approach, as there are so many facets to each person, I find using different materials helps reflect this. It gives me scope to explore further and hopefully using this mixed media approach brings out all the elements I see and feel when I commit to a piece of art.


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