Portrait through material

img_8561This image is of a painting which I photographed with a piece of material (I had previously made)covering A portrait. This image is a pairing of paint and photography. Combining the two mediums created something more delicate and ethereal. I wasn’t particularly going for that effect but once i saw the outcome and how the use of a frame used in this manner created such diverse effects I was happy with the outcome.  

The dark swarthy cloud  look at the top in contrast with the lighter sunrise colours of pink, yellow and mauve, offer an incandescence that is best seen just as the sun begins to rise. This along with a textured hint with the layers makes this an interesting composition. I find my taste is moving towards the play on light and colour and the use of photography with paint.

The painting was originally inspired by the moment when the sunlight is so bright it causes half your face to disappear into the light. 


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