Linder Sterling

Linder Sterling, also known as Linder, is a singer, performance and visual artist. Linder creates collages, photo-montages and self-portraiture. Her work reflects consumerism such as cosmetics, imagery from magazines, pornography and food. Untitled 1976 by Linder born 1954
She/She 1981/2007 by Linder born 1954This piece (She/She: 1981) is what has influenced my own practice; her use of portraiture as well as text was particularly interesting to me. The artist is made up in New Romanticism style with make up, clothing and jewellery which was the fashion when the piece was made. In some images the artists replaces her bottom half of her face with a magazine cut out.

The make up and clothing style along with the magazine cut out makes me feel this is reflecting the female ideal represented in the media. Linder uses ways to mask her face, distort it using bandage and cling film. This distortion and close up photography of the face is what interests me along with contrasting of the black and white.

The text comes from lyrics Linder for her band ‘Ludus’. The format of this series creates a journey or story through the images with text interspersing, with a specific sequence so the pattern is pleasing to the eye.


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