Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman turned to photography in the 1970’s exploring a range of female personas and roles. Sherman’s work questioned and emphasised the way mass-media effects individual and collective identities. Sherman used herself as the model to convey her ideas.


Sherman created each persona or character by using make-up, wigs, clothing, props, backgrounds. She wasn’t afraid to completely change her appearance in order to be the character. Sherman doesn’t title the images to give the viewer the chance to interpret it how they like.

When I rummage through my wardrobe in the morning I am not merely faced with a choice what to wear. I am faced with a choice of images: the difference between a smart suit and a pair of overalls, a leather skirt and a cotton dress, is not just one of fabric and style, but one of identity.

Shermans large range of film stills epitomises the way a certain look or pose can create a prejudice about that person, and yet she has done so many so what do we learn from all of these images of Sherman?

How dare you think any one of these is me. But also, see, I can be all



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