Part of Box 2 (Sensory objects).

My first room in the box is based on my dislike of bones. I created a clay back with strong emphasis on the spine as this is my main difficulty. It makes it hard to sit in certain positions and when I feel anxious for any other reason, my spine seems to feel like it is protruding and I feel the need to hold my back so straight so that I can’t feel it. This room is important to me because I have developed a love for the body in art and in particular I really like to see shadows and curves but find it difficult simultaneously. IMG_6324

I have made life size fingers out of clay and tried to make the shape and placement as realistic as possible to my own hand. The shape emulates the way the hand is positioned when filing nails. This is because I cannot deal with filing my own nails, hearing or seeing anyone else filing nails. This comes as quite an uncomfortable situation when I am getting my nails done, something I very much enjoy but dread at the same time. It is something that I cannot ignore and I have to push through the pain and anxiety it gives me.

Another issue I have with sound and touch comes from a toothbrush. Something I definitely can’t ignore but have had to come up with ways to get through it. It is still an issue and I cannot brush my own teeth in certain ways, I cannot cope when other people are brushing their teeth around me or even when it comes up on the tv- which is a lot more than you’d expect! In relation to this, I have include a room in the box that contains a toothbrush head and IMG_6331some abstract markings. The markings were created by using the toothbrush head as my paintbrush – the process of this is the significant part as opposed to the image created. The process was painful and a test to myself.

Along with the imagery, I have also made a short video to convey the harsh sounds and hopefully show uncomfortable it was to create.


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