Key contexual Field

Looking back through all my field work and seeing where I am now, it was not difficult to pick out which contextual artist has had the most profound effect on me and my artistic direction.

Johannes Vermeer was introduced to me during Art in the Conscious Mind, Woman in blue reading a letter was the specific piece I was shown. This piece was used to explain a question of where the mind is. This piece provoked a lot of questions. It led me to think about the consciousness in other people when they are doing simple things. It led me to think about my own consciousness and to focus on working on having more of a self-awareness. Vermeer,_Johannes_-_Woman_reading_a_letter_-_ca._1662-1663.jpg

Within my art, it made me question the mind and where it is/ what it is doing. I wanted to portray this question or at least produce work and encourage the audience to want to know more about the person.


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