Key contextual reference into the initial artwork

In response to the initial piece of work I chose (Jason Wason, handprint dish), I researched hand prints – looking at cave wall art and body prints. I looked at Ana Mendieta a lot during this time.


IMG_4128This is my own version of body tracks, but mine is more finger tracks. I used my finger prints to create marks, marks that resemble a person. I painted my face and body and pressed up against paper, I did this a few times but it didn’t turn out very well and it wasn’t what I was hoping for. I was considering trying to make a video of the action of pressing my skin and leaving a mark however I got distracted by my new idea of photographing. My idea, which I felt a little more interested in, was to photograph myself and friends’ body and skin. Looking specifically at their shapes, curves, beauty spots, scars, imperfections.

I was also able to use Ana Mendieta for this idea. These are photographs that are close up to her body and showing different sections that are unique to her- although these have been pressed up against glass. The way she has displayed this work also appealed to me. I was thinking of having large photographs of close up images of the body that makes it difficult to distinguish what part it is. tumblr_inline_nuq4xpppBq1tsz8ht_500.jpg


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