Key Concepts Lecture

The lecture that stood out to me most was called ‘Object’.

what is an object?

  • an object is not me
  • an object is unknowable
  • i am an object (in a world of objects)

I found this lecture very informative, and helpful in terms of my own practice -in particular the section ‘an object is unknowable’. This refers to perception. Perception is very important within my practice- it is largely what I base my work on.

These two paintings illustrate the importance of perception: Monet and Renoir were both in the same place, same time of day, together painting their view. It’s interesting to see how different their paintings are, even though their views are the exact same.

This concept of perception is very important for my practice because what I am portraying is how I perceive myself and how others perceive. I like to challenge what people think of an ‘object’ and to allow them to open up to see other ways of perceiving it. I think within art, it is all about perception. Everyone perceives differently and I enjoy learning about the different perceptions and understanding them.

I am an object (in a world of objects)

Within this idea, we looked at a number of artists but I particularly liked the work of Richard Serra.

This piece by Serra is called Spin Out. You, the viewer, become an object within the work as you walk through it. Your perception of the work changes completely as you experience it. I like the idea of the subject and object being reversible.


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