Making Work for the Public Realm

I chose this project because I thought this project would be beneficial for me in the future and could help me to understand another way of producing art.

At first I was struggling with the idea of creating work that would be shown in publicly owned areas. I associated this type of work to be mostly sculpture and illustrations, of which isn’t what I tend to do. However, after delving in a little deeper into the nature of public art, I realised that it is everything and it contains all types of work. I learnt about the different kinds of changes we can create for the public. I found that the temporary or ephemeral, interactive, and research driven and based were most inspiring for me. I like the idea of having an effect on the people that walk through the area and making a change to their day. At first I was interested in making a piece of work that could reach out to someone in a crowd and help them see the positive and that they’re not alone. In retrospect, I was thinking about areas that have a lot of lonely people stuck in the everyday mundane. This didn’t apply to Cardiff’s city life and I didn’t like this idea when I thought about it here. I changed my idea to have a similar effect but slightly more suited the site. In my final idea, I included the welsh language for the audience and to show respect and pride for Wales. I also included something that I think is important and positive for the people walking through the city. My idea was to create a calming atmosphere with colour, lights and language.

Coming up with the idea and making sure the work will be relevant and received well was quite interesting, but the process of being exact and finding out pricing, materials was a bit tedious. I find it difficult making important decisions sometimes and prefer to just make and see what happens and where the art takes me, where as with this project you had to be very organised and plan everything to the exact.

I looked at the artist Dryden Goodwin, I found his work to be very influential. I really enjoyed learning about his work and his concepts. His work gave me the confidence that I could produce something in my style the works as public art.

I also looked at a welsh artist called Laura Thomas. I found myself wanting to work with new materials and using sewing more in my work after researching her. Ultimately, it was a piece that Thomas made that contained Celtic colours that pushed me to include Welsh in my own work.

This project helped me realise public art is not something I would like to do as my career, but if the opportunity arises I feel more informed and understand what it entails.



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