Contextual post of my choosing

A recent contextual artist I have come across is Trine Sondergaard. I feel that Sondergaard’s work has had a big impact on me and my work and it’s a shame I’ve come across her at such a late stage- had I seen her work earlier I think my work would be stronger and have more of a clear direction. I feel inspired by Sondergaards work and concepts and I think they’re what I’ve been looking for in myself but slightly different.

“My focus is the introversion and mental space that lies beyond the image. And time or duration in the coexistence of different times in consciousness.”

Sondergaard’s work looks at portraiture but not in the tradional way, she explores what is shown in an image and what is hidden. Within the portraits, only a little amount of the face may be shown or none at all.

  • Monochrome portraits
  • Strude


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