Key contextual reference during Site/venue project


Thinking back to making the original Site/ Venue project, Tracey Emin influenced my mini-gallery quite a lot. When I think about Emins work, I always remember seeing ‘my bed’ in Tate Britain and surrounding the piece were sketches Emin had created. I was quite captivated by these sketches and I remember going to each one and feeling like I was learning a bit more about her with each one I saw. I read a book on Tracey Emin and was inspired by how much of herself she was showing within these works, how she could open up and allow the public to see her in such ways. Although in my art work I am not opening up quite like Emin did; in my mini gallery, I was showing my body quite close up where I may feel insecure and vulnerable. I like the idea of seeing artwork but then as you get closer and are surrounded by the work you begin to experience it. I am referring to my shoe box gallery that I displayed in the site/venue project.




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