My participation in Site/Venue project

I started with creating a mini- gallery in an old shoe box. I really enjoyed this project because I was able to integrate my current subject work into my site/venue work. As I was focusing on Identity and using the body to show this, I decided to create a gallery with sketches of different angles of my own body. I wanted to create this feeling of the viewer entering into another persons space/world/journey. As you look around the room, you learn more about that person – the way the person holds themselves, what is being shown, what isn’t.

I made the room white to emulate a typical gallery space, I tried to make it as authentic as I could in the short time we had so I made a sort of floor board pattern with thinly cut pieces of paper. I chose these 5 images to sketch, I took photos of myself and sketched from them- with the time limit we had, I didn’t think it was realistic to sketch from observation especially with the angles I wanted to show. I chose all different parts of my body to show that I feel are significant to me. I measured each image so they were all the same size and shape, the size I chose was quite large for the size of the room. I did this because I thought it would make each piece quite in your face and intense, hypothetically.


Another piece I did for the site/venue project was for the exhibition. I painted another self portrait, but in a different style to the work above. This piece was about consciousness. The idea behind this piece is about what the person is thinking, feeling etc “where is her consciousness?” In the painting she is sipping on coffee, looking to the side; an everyday activity. I find it interesting how people around us have so many different thoughts and feelings and their consciousness is in different places at different times and we don’t realise- we’re too involved with our own. So this piece is to stop and question how other people are living, showing themselves, feeling. The painting style isn’t exact or perfect; I used a palette knife and acrylic for the whole piece. This style gives it a slight blurring and unclear look, this is to symbolise the fact we’ll never know the truth of that persons consciousness at a specific time.



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