Both Field Projects

Looking back on both my field projects, I feel I have learnt a lot and been able to apply this knowledge to my own practice. I am happy with the decisions I made on which projects to take and glad I was able to study my first choices.

My first project was ‘Art in the Conscious Mind’ and it has been a great starting point and exploration for my subject work. It has led me to where I am now, and been a constant thought in my mind. It opened my eyes to things that I hadn’t considered before, in terms of the depth of perception and how the external world effects us more than we know. I enjoyed the difficulty in some of the lectures, they were challenging and interesting to learn about. The workshops were very helpful in breaking up the serious lectures and having a different spin on the project. The workshops were still related to our consciousness but showed it in a more applied way to art. I feel like I learnt a lot from every aspect of this project. The unseen workshop was helpful to learn about how the unconscious has been portrayed within art, in particular entopic and hypnagogic imagery.

My second project was ‘Making work in the public realm’. This was a completely different kind of project to my first, but I still found it helpful. This project taught me about what it takes to be a professional artist and allowed me to see into the logistics of it all. I came up with the idea of creating art to go inside an underpass, I wanted to change the atmosphere and have a positive effect on the people walking through. My aim was looking at how the public would be affected and interact with the work. I came up with a calm, zen-like feel along with bright but soft lights around big frames containing positive text in welsh and english. Within this idea there are colours that are ‘in’ right now so it reaches the popular culture, soft lights to take the focus off the harsh clinical-like lights that are currently in place -its either too dark or too bright so I wanted to soften it and make it more friendly, and focus on something positive for the passers by to read and take in. I chose to include welsh as the larger text because we are in Wales and I want to respect their language and it is something to be proud of, but then with English underneath because realistically there are more English speakers than Welsh. I spoke to the council and discussed this work and they were open to it. The only thing I struggled with was choosing the exact measurements in such a large space because I am not familiar with working in such sizes.

Overall I found both fields informative and helpful for my future works. I was very glad to see the field projects were not like last years and felt a lot more confident with them.


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