Field projects

My field projects were: art in the conscious mind, and making work in the public realm.

I chose art in the conscious mind because of my keen interest in the psychological aspect of the mind. Most of this project was lecture based and very packed together, which meant there wasn’t much opportunity to create art work- instead I learnt in some depth about understanding and experiencing how the mind manifests itself. Some of the work I created in response to this project was related to my own consciousness.

I looked at Turner, Monet, Kadinsky,Cajal.

This project opened my eyes to understanding how the world is perceived differently to its actual representation. It was interesting for me to think about when our consciousness is active, and to explore our consciousness in relation to our own identity. What we are consciously aware of can explain something about ourselves, but also what we unconsciously portray about our own identity. This idea directly effected my work because I began to focus on how to portray an unconscious window into the identity of the subject. The body and portraiture has always been important to me, so I incorporated what I had learnt and began to consider about consciousness and the mind within the body.


I thought about the unconscious and came up with this text that emphasised the importance of shadows. I thought about what shadows represent and how shadows appear and accentuate parts of the body, in particular the back.


The second field project I took part in was making work in the public realm. I found this project quite difficult to get into and to put my own style to it whilst also being appropriate for Cardiff. I had an initial idea straight away which I felt worked well for me however I didn’t feel it was well suited for the public in Cardiff. This project taught me to think about how the artwork will be received and how it will effect the people who will view it, it also taught me the importance of the art in the public realm. I looked into the work of Dryden Goodwin; this work informed me that it is possible to do work I am interested in and to display it in the public realm. I really enjoyed learning about Goodwin’s work; the site he chose and the meaning behind his work were inspiring.



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