A post that demonstrates the translation of your ideas around this artwork, evidencing the material exploration and thinking that led to the development of your own original artwork(s).

From the handprint dish to my own artwork:

I associated the original piece of artwork to a concept on Identity. From this concept, I looked at ways in which Identity is conveyed within art that particularly interests me. Starting with prehistoric cave paintings, I researched into primitive markings and symbolism within.

Although I was intrigued by cave art, I didn’t feel particularly inspired by it. This pushed me to focus on body printing and using the body to explore identity. I looked at artists like Francesca Woodman, Ana Mendieta, Ellen Altfest, Trine Sondergaard. I chose to focus my attention on the back; after observing and photographing my friends bodies, I noticed a striking difference in each persons back.

To me, the back symbolised the finger print of the body. It isn’t just the appearance of the back that interested me, I am fascinated by the consciousness- within the back I have found a number of connotations that I believe link the back to unconsciously portraying the persons identity.

The back is not a part of the body that gets shown often, particularly for a female. It is likely that you will only see a female back at times of intimacy or when her clothing shows a small part of it. In particular, you don’t see the back completely bare- usually there will be a bra breaking it up. The fact it is missing from my images and paintings, almost gives the sense of freedom and simplicity. This is the person, there is nothing to take your eye from their skin. Within the back, there are a lot of curves, indentations, sharp lines, tones- it is beautiful to look at and I wanted to portray its natural beauty that we often overlook. Seeing the back in the style of lighting I have done, gives it a seductive feel to it also. The curves, shadows allow the eye to travel down the back. The back is not only something to look at and admire, it is also what holds us up as humans. As well as the importance of the muscles and spine, it also is a place where we keep a lot of tension. The tension and the posture can explain a lot about a person psychologically. It can explain a persons life style, self confidence, their past, their health etc.

After my exploration into backs, I moved my focus onto what a person shows, unknowingly, about themselves. The site/venue project led me to create a room full of body sketches of one person (myself), this created quite an intense feel when entering the room (hypothetically because it was a mini-gallery) because the viewer is surrounded by different angles of a strangers body. Following this, I continued this box/mini-gallery concept by creating small works about parts of myself that are hidden.




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