Box 1:

A briefcase type of box, so that the viewer can have an interactive part to the work. By opening the box, they are entering into my thoughts, memories and life. Inside will contain mixed media including objects found, made and paintings. Everything inside the box has a significance to me and my life, and can explore the parts of myself that others may not be aware of. The act of opening the box and being able to see into my work, is almost a metaphor for me to open up to the people around me and allow them to understand a bit more. I am told quite regularly that I am hard to read and difficult to understand, so through this piece of work I can show who I am and what is important to me etc.

Some components of this piece are: paintings of my own body (with emphasis to the shadows and lines), my parents divorce, my current beliefs, the colour that I surround myself with, finger print, medicine that has helped me, a smell that people recognise to be me, text from my journal, text I have tattooed on myself.



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