Mark making 

  • Making marks with our own body (body printing)
  • Marks on our body (tattoo, henna..)
  • Marks on walls (cave walls..)
  • Marks in art

Art is communication, it was simpler and made its point in a more straight forward fashion. We as a ‘collective’ have become more sophisticated and our needs continually changing, leading to art needing to challenge us and communicate this. The difference between some of the contemporary art of today with earlier markings is – earlier markings and symbols weren’t often open to interpretation, they were straightforward forms of language. Whereas today art and symbols are open to interpretation. They often show strong feelings and can invoke strong opposition or hostility.

For me this communication of art is more about the experience- the individuals experience of the piece of art, what is being read, interpreted and what they are getting from it on a personal level.


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