Artist Statement

I have an ongoing exploration into conscious and unconscious manifestations that makes a person a person. My work started as a question of Identity; what it means, how it’s conveyed, where it is etc. I began with body printing, in particular hand and finger prints. This identity concept began to develop into the ways in which each person has their own secrets, memories, idiosyncrasies and all things unique to them. I showed this by having a focus on a persons back. A back to me is the most telling parts of the body. Backs are sensuous, because of the dips and hollows, the way it draws the eye along it following it. The back always leads to more, more about the person, more about the body. This is the area that I still wish to explore and expand on, so future plans would be to create a series of other people in the form of sketch, paint, photography, words. As like all my art, it quickly turned to being about myself. In my latest pieces, I have been using my own experiences to portray how I feel about my own identity and emotions.




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