I’ve repainted over a previous painting. The meaning with the old painting still resides with me when I see this piece. The previous painting is what gives the background colour to the face, but I’ve added a light calmed tone. Not for the effect of calming, but to take some of the emotion out. The portrait has changed, to a larger scale face – increase in scale is to show that the person isn’t small and overridden with emotion/colour. The title ‘I’M NOT FADING’ is how I came up with this idea. For me the words are the most important part.

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Looking at the painting, it is quite boring and lacking. However, the interesting part is the side you don’t see- if light is applied behind the material the whole painting changes.

This piece is emulating how I feel psychologically. Within this piece there are a few ironic moments.

I’m trying to say that I am not fading as a person and I’m staying strong and improving however the colour and style says otherwise- the dull blue tones show melancholy and the white makes it look like the colours are blurring into the face. But, when another element is added (light) you can see a lot more to the painting or the person. This is symbolic to my personality; there are only a few people to see the side that isn’t immediately obvious.

You can’t see much of the facial features which might signify the persons physical presence  disappearing- but this is just so that you don’t focus too much on the appearance. I don’t feel how I look when I’m thinking, I feel how I think.

The text, which to me is very important, states the title “I’M NOT FADING”. The text is in yellow which is often hard to see, and in fact the word fading is on a light background making it hard to read. This makes you question whether in fact the person is fading.



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