Istanbul Modern

There were a number of exhibitions showing at the time I visited, but the one that I found most inspiring was the ‘Artists in their time’. Some of the artists that I liked in this exhibition consist of Gul Ilgaz, Nil Yalter, Merih Akogul, Michael Raedecker, Servet Kocyigit, Georg Baselitz, Omer Uluc, Ramazan Bayrakoglu.

The first piece that I noticed was by Ilgaz; a photograph that had been manipulated to include different compositions, angles and sizes of the objects in the home with a womans legs open at the forefront. Whilst looking at this piece, it seemed like the room was moving, and you cant help but look around and notice different details each time. However something you don’t miss is the young child in direct view from in between the womans legs. I thought this was very effective, especially with the contrast with distances. I think this piece is about how the baby growing up has caused the relationship to get more distanced, as the child gains independence since being in the womb. I felt as if I, the viewer, was the woman; I felt too far away from my child, and as if everything around me is moving and I am still. The artists had emphasised light in some areas and darkness in others, to me this symbolised day and night as with time but also with the grey scale theme I felt a sense of melancholy. In terms of my own work, I like to use light and black and white to show emotion but also identity. When I draw the body (usually my own) I do it from the viewers perspective, but maybe I could explore having my view point in too – like how Ilgaz uses the legs.


Born/Bearing in to death by Gul Ilgaz.

Another artist that caught my eye was Ramazan Bayrakoglu; my attention went straight to the texture and the materials uses as opposed to the image. Raedecker used acrylic and thread on canvas. The thread gave it extra dimensions and added depth to the canvas, which is what I’d like to try within my own work. I’ve been experimenting with material and textiles recently but I haven’t found the right way for me yet.


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